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We are specialists in World leading Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality solutions. Beam is a New Zealand-based software development company, specialising in the realisation of applications, platforms, systems and experiences for the world of Virtual & Augmented Reality.Our team of developers located in New Zealand and Europe are specialists at creating bespoke AR and VR experiences for organisations looking to enhance their presence in this exciting field.

Beam uses cutting-edge technology to deliver compelling experiences that communicate your business’s message in new and exciting ways. We build custom applications for brands across many industries.The applications for AR and VR are ever-growing and so is the list of industries learning to embrace the technology.

From creative design and modelling through to technical development and delivery, all of our work is produced in-house by our expert studio team. Our specialist approach has enabled us to gain years of experience dealing specifically within AR and VR, meaning you can rest assured knowing that you are collaborating with some of the most knowledgeable and creative minds in the industry.

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An AR and VR experience can be anywhere, anytime. Making it a whole new proposition for brands. By allowing your audience to connect and interact with the real world in a whole new way, AR has opened up a new era of brand experience. Transform anything. Interact with everything. Change your surroundings. Learn more than ever before. Whatever form it takes – AR is unforgettable.

AR is the future of advertising. And as the tech continues to improve, more and more brands are starting to see the direct benefits of AR brand experiences. If you’re ready to take your brand to the next level, AR might just be the thing you’ve been looking for. Augmented reality is the new stand-out brand engagement tool, helping brands tap into a new generation of hyper-connected, mobile-first consumers with more immersive and sharable experiences.

Compared with traditional, passive advertising, AR is more engaging, more memorable and more impactful, connecting your audience directly to the point of sale while offering end-to-end measurability.and our industry leading creative team combined with our AR developers and industry experts are more than capable of unleashing the vast potential of augmented reality apps and experiences for your specific needs.

Partners & Projects

Some of New Zealand’s largest and most recognised brands have trusted Beam to deliver for them in the AR and VR space

Beam has created numerous pieces of software and applications for companies who are developing new ways to engage with their customers, as well as high-quality media for enhancing their marketing strategy.

Featured project

Resene, New Zealand’s premier paint company and one of the country’s leading brands, selected Beam to develop their cutting-edge Resene ColourVision Virtual Reality experience.

ColourVision is an application that allows Resene’s customers to ‘paint their home’ in 360-degree, 3D Virtual Reality.

Users can navigate their way around a virtual house, selecting colours for walls, floors and ceilings from Resene’s entire colour range.

For the first time, customers are able to truly visualise in 360 degree Virtual Reality, exactly how their home can appear when decorated with their chosen colours.

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